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A Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST®) is a practicing member in good standing of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario.

The S.T.A.O. is a self-regulating, non-profit organization that represents professionally trained Certified Shiatsu Therapists. The association is mandated to protect the interests of the public by setting the highest standards of training and practice for Shiatsu Therapy in North America. Members have successfully completed a 2200 hour diploma programme (two full-time years) at a government accredited private vocational school. Core curriculum requirements include Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Public Health and Eastern Theory, as well as clinical experience in a supervised setting. A CST® must pass written and practical S.T.A.O. entrance examinations.

Code of Ethics for Certified Shiatsu Therapists
  1. The first consideration of the Shiatsu Therapist shall be the health and well being of the patient/client.

  2. The Shiatsu Therapist shall recognize the patient/client's human dignity and right to confidentiality.

  3. The Shiatsu Therapist shall not refuse any patient/client on the basis of gender, race, religion, political belief or sexual orientation.

  4. The Shiatsu Therapist shall respect the patient/client's right to accept or refuse any form of treatment.

  5. The Shiatsu Therapist has a duty not to refuse or withdraw services without justifiable cause.

  6. The Shiatsu Therapist shall recognize the special relationship which exists with the patient/client, and shall ensure that his/her professional conduct is above reproach, and will take neither physical, emotional, nor financial advantage of the patient/client.

  7. The Shiatsu Therapist shall continually strive to improve his/her knowledge and professional skills.

  8. The Shiatsu Therapist shall encourage and educate the patient/client in the development of a health-enhancing lifestyle.

  9. The Shiatsu Therapist shall, when indicated, recommend to the patient/client that additional opinions and services be obtained, and shall co-operate with others who may assist in the care of the patient/client.

  10. The Shiatsu Therapist shall recognize the patient/client's right to be treated in a truthful manner.

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